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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eat healthy food for your skin

Every single girl/women want a healthy flawless skin rite? For me to keep us healthy yet beautiful need some effort and not just using the skin products but watch what we eat. So what kind a food can help us get flawless skin? Dr. Mehmet Oz from Cardiac Surgery, Columbia University/New York Presbyterian Hospital answered;
"The key to flawless skin is what you put into your body – not what you smear on it. The antioxidants responsible for glowing, youthful skin – called carotenoids – can be found in squash and other colorful fruits and vegetables. Carotenoids fight free radicals and help to protect skin against damage and disease, while vitamin A-rich foods like liver will help prevent dry skin. For the best defense against wrinkles make sure to pack your diet with omega-3 fatty acids. Found in great quantities in food like salmon, omega-3s reduce inflammation in the body as well as reinforce cell membranes, improving their ability to retain water, yielding softer, smoother skin."

Fruits are the antioxidant powerhouses! Blueberries, blackberries, and watermelon are excellent choices, very rich in vitamin C. Papaya with its papain enzyme is an excellent skin smoother, both included in your diet and as an ingredient in skin products. Cherries, dates, mangos, acai, pumpkin, and pomegranates will feed and nourish your skin in ways you never imagined. By adding extra fruit to your diet you're essentially saying goodbye to those wrinkles. Again, be sure to eat fruit that is as deeply colored as you possibly can.
Besides that, drinking tea can help ur skin stay healthy; Green, white, and black teas are naturally rich sources of antioxidant flavonoids. Some recent studies indicate that the antioxidants in tea are more powerful than those found in many fruits and vegetables and play a role in preventing skin cancer, as well as other types of cancer. Scientists have found that the intake of a single dose of tea increases total antioxidant activity in the blood. Overall, green tea has the most polyphenols per cup, and these polyphenols have been proven to help prevent UV-induced skin cancers. 
You can read more here 
Eat lots of fruit, vege and plain water everyday! :)

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Notakaki: nak beli Nestle Yogurt Bliss Strawberry balik nie! 
Much Lurve~

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