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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My baby 3 months old :)

Taken from baby development news

  • Her/his eyes will be more alert and active,
  • And she/he will be more responsive to movements,
  • A hint of hand activity will be visible now,
  • She/he can grasp at objects and toys,
  • But, she/he will have weak legs and backbones
  • Her/his head is still uncontrolled
  • Starts listening more closely to her/his own voice
  • Puts almost everything in her/his mouth to "explore" and find out more about them
  • Starts responding to nearby voices and sounds by using her/his own voice

During the 3 month old baby development phase you get the rare opportunity to see how your baby transforms into a bundle of joy and happiness. Now, your baby becomes quite a social and friendly character. When you come near to your baby, she/he will start showing warmth and happiness. And when you talk to her/him in whispering tones, she/he will attempt to return the compliments with a series of babbles and murmurs!

Love to see his smile n laugh :)
Uihhh..tu belom dengar suara dia yang kuat lagi tuuu...

Your baby may also pick another habit that may become a regular feature for another year… sucking her finger because she's bored or even to feel secure. Many parents give their baby a smooth dummy or teether for comfort. Her sucking habit will slow disappear and it may totally disappear towards the end of the first year.

See this?? his favourite thing! Sedap agaknye.. ;)
tapi dia kedekut nak bagi i hisap jari dia jugak!

Important thing:
This period also demands that you and your entire family get close to your baby. Recent research findings suggest that babies who constantly mingle with their family develops good mental growth and abilities. So, you may wish to make an honest effort to reach out to your kid by associating with her right throughout day and night.


Babies learn by playing. Stated differently…

Your Baby's Job Is... To Play!

That is why i'm so excited to buy his new toy for him to explore a new thing!

That’s what babies MUST do. It's the only way they learn all their new skills and gain experience... and get ahead

Contoh toys yang sesuai:


Okay, that's all for now, i'm gonna buy rattles for my son after work :)
coz he's not able to grasp except my hand. Gonna update more and soon!

Until then,tata for now ;)
Much Lurve~

Everything i do, i do it for u ;)

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